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Below you can see the songs heard on our station over the last 6 months
STELIOS ROKKOS (179 times)
VASILIS TROLAS (171 times)
RENA KOUMIOTI (168 times)
Greek Various Artist (150 times)
MARINELLA (150 times)
Our Producers:
Our Producers:
JOURNEY TO THE AEGEAN - with Yanni Maheras...
JOURNEY TO THE AEGEAN a show of Ellinikosfm.com of favorite island songs with Yanni Maheras , every ...
WITHOUT LIMITS - with Stergios Floratos...
Ζωντανή συνδεσή απο την Αμερική!!! Μαζί σας καθε Δευτἐρα  2 – 5 το απόγευμα ωρα Νέας Υόρκ...
Ηλίας Πολίτης ...
 Ηλίας Πολίτης Τραγουδοποιος και δημοσιογράφος μαζί μας κάθε Σάββατο 21:00 – 23:00 το βρά...
Georgia Theocharidou << Aroma of Greece >>...
Georgia Theocharidou born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece had verΥ much love for music an...
Άννα Μπεζιάνη *Ταξίδι στο Ονειρο μας* ...
Είμαι η Άννα Μπεζιάνη ζω Γερμανία σε μια πολύ κρύα χώρα κατά τη γνώμη μου κρύα σε πολλές απόψεις όχι...
DJ Alex Ntokas ...
Ο Alex Ntokas γεννήθηκε στην Άρτα και μεγάλωσε στη Ρόδο. Η αγάπη και το ενδιαφέρον του για τη μουσικ...
<< Music Box >> με τον Dj Bouk ...
Ανοίγουμε το Μουσικό Κουτί, βγάζοντας τις μεγαλύτερες ελληνικές επιτυχίες από το σήμερα και το παρελ...
"Music Blender" with Giovanna Basta...
They say the young man is nice, but the old one is different.   That's how I thought and a ...
Despina Pantelidou ...
Despina Pantelidou graduate psychologist and lyricist welcomes us to ellinikos fm frequency of the a...

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Agenda of the day:
Sunday, May 27, 2018
† Πεντηκοστή,
Ελλαδίου, Θεράποντος και Αλυπίου
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• News from Greece
• News arround the World
• Irish abortion referendum: Ireland overturns abortion ban
The Republic of Ireland votes to overturn its abortion ban with 66.4% backing reform of the constitution.
• Korean leaders meet in surprise summit
The talks happened as efforts continue to get Donald Trump's summit with Kim Jong-un back on track.
• Bale double wins cup for Real Madrid
Gareth Bale scores two goals - including a stunning overhead kick - as Real Madrid beat Liverpool to win the Champions League for the third year in a row.
• Coming home after 130 years
A family of Syrian refugees returns to the island that their great-grandparents fled 130 years ago.
• Irish abortion referendum: How it all unfolded
The Republic of Ireland has voted overwhelmingly to overturn the abortion ban by 66.4% to 33.6%.
• Migrant crisis: Smugglers 'shot escaping migrants' in Libya
People smugglers opened fire on 100 migrants trying to flee their clutches, an aid agency reports.
• France wine auction: 1774 Vin Jaune fetches record price
A bottle of Vin Jaune dating back to 1774 sells for €103,700 at auction in eastern France.
• Joshua Holt case: US citizen jailed in Venezuela on way home
Joshua Holt and his Venezuelan partner are due to visit President Trump at the White House.
• Kilauea volcano: Hawaii homes destroyed by lava
Helicopter footage shows Kilauea volcano lava destroying dozens of houses on Hawaii's Big Island.
• Sesame Street sues over violent, puppet-based Happytime Murders film
Its creators say the violent, puppet-based Happytime Murders movie violates its good name.
• Two French teenagers charged over Despacito YouTube hack
Two 18-year-olds are charged over a hack that targeted the Latin hit and other pop songs on YouTube.
• Uganda bus crash kills at least 22, including children
Children are among the dead after a bus hit a tractor that was driving at night without lights.
• Michel Platini: No criminal charges, claims ex-Uefa president
Ex-Uefa president Michel Platini says he has been told he will not face any criminal charges following a corruption investigation.
• University head quits amid gynaecology scandal
The resignation follows allegations of sexual misconduct by a university doctor and a cover-up.
• Korean leaders in ‘Hollywood’ meeting
South Korea's movie-style video shows its president meet Kim Jong-un for only the second time.
• How does your diagnosis make you feel?
Like Minds: Is your mental health diagnosis a label or a lifeline?
• 100 Women: Fatma Samoura - the most powerful woman in sport
Fatma Samoura, Fifa's first female secretary general, says she has broken the glass ceiling, by joining the male-dominated organisation.
• Cycling through Africa: Turkish Hasan Söylemez's adventure of a lifetime
Turkish journalist Hasan Söylemez is cycling across Africa asking people about their dreams.
• Week in pictures: 19 - 25 May 2018
A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.
• Irish abortion referendum: Why people voted how they did
A vote for Yes was pro-choice; a vote for No was anti-abortion. So how did Irish people vote, and why?
• Peru's annual Clown Day parade - in pictures
Hundreds of professional clowns march through Peru's capital, Lima, in costumes, wigs and face paint.
• 'Wolf-like' creature shot near Montana ranch puzzles experts
State wildlife experts are seeking DNA analysis to pinpoint the mysterious creature's species.
• The mysterious musician who wears a mask
The enigmatic musician surrounded by mystery - Claptone - has taken influences from jazz to rock and roll and even reggae to create his own brand of music.
• Irish abortion result a seismic shift
The vote for liberalisation marks a significant break away from the influence of the Catholic Church.
• Zhao Kangmin: The man who 'discovered' China's terracotta army
Zhao Kangmin was the first expert to identify the ancient warriors, one of China's cultural treasures.
• Harvey Weinstein: What next after first charges filed
The disgraced film mogul is charged with rape and sexual abuse after handing himself in to police.
• How to survive a parachute failure
It's rare, but some people live after plummeting thousands of feet when a parachute fails. Is there a way to make this more likely?
• Liverpool-Real Madrid: How Mo Salah fever has gripped Africa
Africans have been overcome by Mo Salah fever, ahead of the Liverpool-Real Madrid showdown.
• Is India's Congress party really running out of cash?
Or is this an attempt to position itself as a transparent organisation funded by the people?
• What will director Danny Boyle bring to James Bond?
Will it be a case of Bond, James Bond or will 007 find his Martini both shaken and stirred?
• England v Pakistan: Jos Buttler and Dom Bess give England hope at Lord's
Jos Buttler and Dom Bess both make fifties to give England a slender lead in the first Test against Pakistan at Lord's.
• Champions League final: Real Madrid v Liverpool - rate the players out of 10
Rate the players from both teams in the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool.
• Aston Villa 0-1 Fulham
Ten-man Fulham hold off Aston Villa to win the Championship play-off final and seal a return to the Premier League.
• Monaco Grand Prix: All you need to know after Red Bull's mixed day in Monte Carlo
A tale of two Red Bull drivers, controversy at Ferrari, and Porsche rumours abound. All the latest from the Monaco GP paddock.
• Giro d'Italia: Chris Froome set for victory with just final procession stage left
Chris Froome is set for a historic Giro d'Italia victory as he leads by 46 seconds with just the procession into Rome to come.
• Pint-sized TMS: England v Pakistan - England rally to hold slender lead
Jos Buttler and Dom Bess share a century partnership as England build a lead of 56 over Pakistan in the first Test at Lord's.
• The priest whose blunt billboards have gone global
Fr Rod Bower says his controversial, internet-famous church signs do what Jesus did - challenge injustice.
• Standing up to street harassment in France
Women talk about their experiences of sexual harassment in public spaces and how they deal with it.
• The Gambian village transformed by graffiti
What happened when international street artists, who normally paint murals on urban walls, headed to rural Gambia.
• Are we eating at the wrong time for our body clocks?
Is when we eat clashing with our circadian rhythms and could changing our mealtime habits boost our health?
• 'I'm 30 and live at home with my parents'
People aged 30 and over say why they are living at home with their parents.
Source: news.google.com Source: bbc.co.uk