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Below you can see the songs heard on our station over the last 6 months
SOTIRIA BELLOU (117 times)
HRISTAKIS (110 times)
BAMBIS GKOLES (108 times)
Our Producers:
Our Producers:
JOURNEY TO THE AEGEAN - with Yanni Maheras...
JOURNEY TO THE AEGEAN a show of Ellinikosfm.com of favorite island songs with Yanni Maheras , every ...
WITHOUT LIMITS - with Stergios Floratos...
Ζωντανή συνδεσή απο την Αμερική!!! Μαζί σας καθε Δευτἐρα  2 – 5 το απόγευμα ωρα Νέας Υόρκ...
Ηλίας Πολίτης ...
 Ηλίας Πολίτης Τραγουδοποιος και δημοσιογράφος μαζί μας κάθε Σάββατο 21:00 – 23:00 το βρά...
Georgia Theocharidou << Aroma of Greece >>...
Georgia Theocharidou born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece had verΥ much love for music an...
Άννα Μπεζιάνη *Ταξίδι στο Ονειρο μας* ...
Είμαι η Άννα Μπεζιάνη ζω Γερμανία σε μια πολύ κρύα χώρα κατά τη γνώμη μου κρύα σε πολλές απόψεις όχι...
Mousiki odos With Hrisi Xenofonta...
  <<μουσικη οδος>> με τον Χρύση  Ξενοφώντα, κάθε Τρίτη 2μμ-3μμ (ώρα Ελλάδος). Ώρα να ανοίξ...
<< Music Box >> με τον Dj Bouk ...
Ανοίγουμε το Μουσικό Κουτί, βγάζοντας τις μεγαλύτερες ελληνικές επιτυχίες από το σήμερα και το παρελ...
"Music Blender" with Giovanna Basta...
They say that the new is nice , but the old is different.  Somewhat so I thought a few years ag...
Despina Pantelidou ...
Despina Pantelidou graduate psychologist and lyricist welcomes us to ellinikos fm frequency of the a...

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Agenda of the day:
Wednesday, March 21, 2018
† Μέγας Κανών,
Ιακώβου ομολογητού
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• News from Greece
• News arround the World
• Cambridge Analytica: Facebook 'being investigated by FTC'
Claims that Cambridge Analytica misused Facebook users' data cause a furore and its chief is suspended.
• The Rohingya children trafficked for sex
Teenage refugee girls are being sold for sex after fleeing conflict in Myanmar, the BBC finds.
• Person injured in new Austin 'incident'
Texas police believe this is unrelated to recent package bombs in the area that killed two people.
• Ocean plastic could treble in decade
But there are opportunities to cash in on the "ocean economy", a major report for the UK government says.
• Justine Damond shooting: US policeman charged with murder
Justine Damond's death in Minneapolis caused an outcry in both the US and Australia.
• Russia election: Trump congratulates Putin over victory
US President Donald Trump says he will meet the Russian leader in the "not too distant future".
• Container ships collide in Karachi
One ship scrapes against another as it tries to manoeuvre into a berth.
• Syria war: Dozens killed as rockets hit Damascus market
Police say rebels in the besieged Eastern Ghouta region fired the rockets at a government-held area.
• US school shooting: Gunman dies after being shot in Maryland
The attacker was killed in a gunfight with a security guard after he opened fire on two students.
• Stormy Daniels and Trump: Polygraph backs affair claim
A lie test says Stormy Daniels was truthful in saying she had sex with Donald Trump, which he has denied.
• Russian diplomats leave UK amid spy row
Around 80 people, including 23 diplomats and their families, flew out of the UK on Tuesday.
• Royal wedding: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle choose cake
East London-based Californian to bake the organic lemon and elderflower creation.
• Ringo Starr receives knighthood: 'I'll wear it at breakfast'
The Beatles star is knighted by Prince William and jokes he'll wear his medal to breakfast.
• Last male northern white rhino dies in Kenya
Sudan died in a Kenyan conservancy at the age of 45, after months of ill health.
• Malta-linked Russian whistleblower surrenders to Greek police
Maria Efimova had helped the murdered Maltese anti-corruption blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia.
• French police hold ex-president Sarkozy over 'Gaddafi funding'
He is in custody for questioning over alleged campaign funding from late Libyan leader Gaddafi.
• India professor ‘melon breast’ comments spark protest
Students at a collage in the Indian state of Kerala have protested against a teacher's remarks.
• Hamburgers usurp classic baguette sandwich in France
The French order more US-style hamburgers than classic jambon-beurre sandwiches, a study suggests.
• Stunning images capture the world around us
The winners of the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards Open competition are announced.
• Eastern Ghouta: A mother's diary of life under siege
As Syrian government forces bombard rebel-held Eastern Ghouta, a mother of eight shares her experiences.
• Sarajevo’s choir that bridged the ethnic divide
Rebuilding Sarajevo after the Bosnian war through a multi-faith choir.
• Would you give a migrant your bed?
Belgians are opening their homes to migrants on their way to the UK.
• German city installs Karl Marx traffic lights
The communist thinker's home town chooses an unusual way to mark the 200th anniversary of his birth.
• The drug addict who became a judge
A pioneering court in Buffalo, New York, is trying to keep drug addicts alive. It's presided by a judge who knows well the perils of abuse.
• Children on the front line of Yemen's war
Former child soldiers, a landmine survivor and an internally displaced child tell their stories.
• 'Siri, will talking ever top typing?'
The spoken web is becoming more established in the home. But will it catch on elsewhere?
• America's gun culture in 10 charts
Charts explaining some of the key statistics behind gun ownership and attacks linked to guns in the US.
• Cambridge Analytica: The data firm's global influence
The data firm facing questions over its work practices has operated all over the world.
• What are the most endangered animals in the world?
The world's last male northern white rhino has died, age 45, leaving the species "functionally extinct". What could be next?
• Teaching boys that 'real men' would stop rape
A project in Kenya is teaching boys how to intervene to stop sexual violence
• The story behind Africa's free trade dream
Africa is hoping to agree a free trade deal encompassing the whole continent - but can it be done?
• Fake profiles boosted Brazilian ex-president Dilma
Fake social media accounts and blogs were used to back the candidacy of Dilma Rouseff.
• Xi Jinping: How China's president got ahead, in hats
The story of China's parliament told in hats - and the shock that had some analysts eating theirs.
• Is leaving Facebook the only way to protect your data?
What can users do to gain back control of their data or limit how much is shared?
• Would you eat chicken grown in a lab?
The sci-fi food of the future could change the way we eat forever, and it is going to be up to food designers to convince us it's not just an acquired taste.
• Luke Shaw: Ashley Young says Man Utd team-mate can be 'one of the best in the world'
Manchester United defender Luke Shaw can be "one of the best in the world", according to team-mate Ashley Young.
• Serena Williams: Mandy Minella says players 'not punished' for having children
Serena Williams' comeback should not result in a change to the seeding rules after maternity leave, says Mandy Minella.
• New Zealand v England: Ben Stokes' return is a 'huge boost', says Joe Root
Ben Stokes' return to England's Test team will give a "huge boost" to the side, says captain Joe Root.
• Jean Meneses commits blatant dive in in Chile Primera Division game
Universidad de Concepcion forward Jean Meneses pulls off a blatant dive in the Chilean Primera Division to win his side a late penalty in a 2-1 victory over Colo Colo.
• Heather Watson: British number two knocked out of Miami Open
Britain's Heather Watson is knocked out of the Miami Open in the first round with a straight-set defeat by Beatriz Haddad Maia.
• Rugby World Cup 2019: Spain lodge formal complaint after Belgium defeat
The Spanish Rugby Federation has lodged a formal complaint to World Rugby and Rugby Europe after the national team's defeat by Belgium.
• Who were my parents - and why was I left on a hillside to die?
In 1937 a nine-month-old girl was found hidden in a bush on the South Downs, with her hands tied. She has always wanted to know why.
• Where are the UK's youngest and oldest city populations?
Cities are often thought of as places for the young, but that's not always the case.
• In Syria's Eastern Ghouta, a doctor's battle: 'We will stay until the end'
As the Syrian government tightens its noose around the enclave, medical staff describe working in "hell on earth".
• Child sexual exploitation: How the system failed
Grooming, rape and trafficking are just some of the ways children in the UK are being sexually exploited.
Source: news.google.com Source: bbc.co.uk